Cultural Geographies /childrensgeographies


Cultural Geographies is a non-governmental organization based in Kyiv, Ukraine that seeks to promote the development of civil society by strengthening the impact of the cultural sector and community interaction at regional, national, and international levels.

Cultural Geographies aims to raise a sense of local identity and enhance cultural diversity, creating urban and regional narratives through various cultural activities. Working with local communities, we are trying to develop their potential by reconnecting people with city spaces. Our primary focus is participatory urban practices, art interventions, and research of cities, their histories and evolving complexities.

Children's Geographies is an initiative that attempts to establish a feeling of presence and involvement of children and youth in the city processes through cross-disciplinary educational, research and artistic practices.

Our projects in this area include cooperation with other cultural and educational institutions, NGOs, city councils, museums, and film festivals. Since 2015 Children's Geographies has taken part in a variety of events in both a number of Ukrainian cities and abroad.

What we do:

  • Engage a young audience to the discussion of the transformation of their urban environment
  • Empower children and youth with the necessary tools for the participation in the decision-making processes in the city
  • Build an understanding and basic knowledge of city planning and architecture for children and youth