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Dream. Play. Act


The Dream. Play. Act: Gamification for Action project was initiated and implemented together with Cultural di@logue and Urban curators in Kyiv and Kremenchuk cities with the support of Small Grants Contest byCANactions and WNISEF.

The idea of the project is to promote the participatory planning of schoolyards together with children using such gamification tools as popular game Minecraft. Students of two schools took part in three-day workshops in their schools to analyze its territories and develop recommendations and ideas for their renovation. Invited media expert from Germany Andreas Gottschalt, together with professional architects with the support of Microsoft Ukraine provided Minecraft workshops so children can virtually create their projects using Minecraft, which is a widely used abroad in participatory urban practices and education but still not appreciated as a useful tool here, in Ukraine. The project may be extended on request from other schools, NGOs and municipalities.