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DOC/SADOC: urban ecology and personal experience


DOC/SADOC - is an edutainment program for kids at the International human rights documentary film festival Docudays UA (25-30 March 2017). While being an additional free service for festival's visitors, children's space is also a place for meeting interesting people, get new knowledge and develop new skills. It is already the second year when Children's Geographies provides the workshop and artistic research program for kids at the festival. This year's topic of the festival is environment issues and DOC/SADOC invites the representatives of various initiatives who stands for ecology and environment protection to meet the children. We have prepared the workshop to get know how to live in the harmony with nature: discovering how ecovillages operate, and how, if to prefer urban landscapes, to live thoughtfully choosing green habitation.

We have also initiated documentary theatrical studio for 9-14-year-olds. the participants will discover their capacity to speak freely on personal experience, in connection to an environment and urban topography. 5 days practice and city exploring will end in a presentation of theatrical etudes and essays for an open audience.

Doc/SADOC space speaks English too: