Cultural Geographies /childrensgeographies

Building tipi @CANactions'16


In the frame of the International Architecture Festival CANactions, (19-21 May, 2016) on the grounds of the ethnological museum, Children's Ggeographies conducted the workshop for creation of an Indian tipi, the traditional mobile dwelling of nomadic tribes in North America.We built, played, and talked about mobility in the modern world and intercultural exchange. Moreover, we learned about different cultures, stereotypes and generalizations, popular culture, and kitsch.

 Also, participants joined in the preparation of Native American's sweets to discover the cultural life of other nations. In the work, we tried to learn how uncertain the interpretation of people's everyday popular culture is and encourage participants to independently overcome barriers. Further, the engagement with simple forms such as sweets makes it possible to interest young participants in the analysis of basic needs and in the construction of their own inventions.