Cultural Geographies /childrensgeographies

Common space. Chernivtsi


On August 28 we held workshop and lecture in Chernivtsi city during the project "Common Space".

SpilnoDiy! Together we create our yard.

 SpilnoDiy (“CommonAction”) was a workshop in which children analyzed their playground and inner yard in the remote district of Chernivtsy. Young participants and adult residents of neighboring houses learned through the game and modeling simulation. They dreamt and visualized together how their common yard could be renewed. During the one-day workshop it was possible to start moving towards qualified analysis, discussion, and joint action for change.

Lecture: Children are in town! Why and how to involve children in the analysis and planning of spaces.

 During the lecture, we talked about world practices involving children in the planning of a space unique to them, and discussed local context and experiences based on previous "Children's geographies" projects. This, in turn, prompted discussion about the opportunities and requirements for participatory planning.

The "Common Space" was directed by the Bukovinian Agency for Regional Development and Roşa Collective with financial support by the International Fund "Renaissance."