Inclusive Laboratory is a branch of the NGO “Cultural Geography”, which provides education and collaboration opportunities for people involved in the field of art and culture, with and without disabilities, representatives of different genders, nationalities, social groups who seek to create a modern Ukrainian the cultural product taking into account the needs of each and everyone.

At the moment, within the framework of the Inclusive Laboratory, we plan to implement the Touch to Remember project together with the National Museum of the Holodomor-Genocide with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation and to develop an inclusive curatorial project based on the exposition of the National Art Museum of Ukraine.


Inclusive EDU CAMP

The purpose of the Inclusive EDU CAMP is to address the issue of access to cultural spaces for people with disabilities, enabling specialists in the cultural sector to broaden their experience and tools to promote inclusivity in the arts.

The project was implemented with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

Inclusive photolaboratory

Inclusive Photo Lab is a program designed to develop artistic tools for the development, training, and communication of people with and without visual impairments. By creating pictures in pairs with sighted photographers, participants of the project learn to use non-visual media to understand visual language and teach others to understand the specifics of their own perception.

The first set of the program was implemented with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.