Artist, videographer, program designer and coordinator. Is actively involved in participative practices connected to art, culture, urbanist studies and inclusiveness, member of 665 artistic group (Zaporizhzhya-Kyiv), dealing mostly with street art, video, and self published literature, participant of internatonal exhibitions in Ukraine, Germany, Poland and Montenegro. Took part in the parallel program of biennale Manifesta 10, and art program of Gogol art fest 2015. Co-founder of 665lib – a platform for creation, discussion and representation of self published literature in Ukraine, founder and curator of zine and print fair Zinergia (Odessa, 2016). Leads lectures and workshops on zines as artistic media, socially engaged zines and zines as a tool of creative research. Since 2016 have been working as a cultural manager, coordinating and curating exhibitions and cultural events, providing research for the projects, designing programs on art and education. As part of these activities, coordinated the program and managed Port creative hub (Kyiv), coorganized district development initiative PLD (Kyiv).

Works as a videographer with different Ukrainian cultural projects and initiatives (Cultural geographies, Hromadske radio, Port agency, etc). Participant of the Kod Mista program, (Kremenchuk, 2016), Indie lab 2018 course for young filmmakers (Kyiv, 2018), Prague urban Workshop, Prague Civil society centre, (Prague, 2017). Initiator and coordinator of the project Touch what I see (Supported by Warstaty Kultury and Galeria Labirynt, Lubin, Poland) and Inclusive laboratory (Ukraine).