An independent initiative “Kinography. Geography of Ukrainian Cinemas of the Soviet Period” explores and maps the past and present of the Ukrainian cinema network. We focus on the process of large-scale development of cinemas in Ukraine during the 1940-80s (“cinemafication”) and modern policies of managing the cinemas inherited from this era.

Kinography’s website is an open archive and a resource for criticism and exchange of experiences. Its key components are a map of Ukrainian cinemas, as well as articles and research pieces by the project team and friendly initiatives.

With this project we seek to understand:

  • the effects of “cinemafication”, its role in the development of the film industry, art and architecture in Ukraine;
  • significance of cinemas in Ukrainian cities;
  • and most importantly – the future of cinemas as cultural institutions in Ukraine.

Website of the project:

The project is supported by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

Recordings of the events organized during the project (in Ukrainian)

Discussion about activism and archiving

Presentation of the project “Kinography. Geography of Ukrainian Cinemas of the Soviet Period”


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