DocuGeo was video experiment and children’s school of urban exploration and cinematography at the Docudays UA, International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival (Kyiv, Ukraine) in 2016. The camera was used as a tool in learning and examination of architecture and city space. 

Particularly, the project focused on the soviet modernist buildings which, today, are under the threat of decommunization rhetorics, and market interests. Thus, during DocuGeo, the participants visited State Scientific-Technical Library of Ukraine, one of the most famous modernist buildings planned by Florian Yuriev and known as “saucer”. Moreover, the second location became Pioneer Palace, a significant modernist piece by Edward Bilsky, which has numerous mosaics and children’s observatory. At last, the time was dedicated to a massive abandoned ice stadium which has never functioned. 

With a camera, children had an opportunity to learn about local city history, to discuss the processes of urban transformation, and convey their own vision of places. The pieces of video were presented at the closing ceremony of the film festival.


Children's Geographies

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